Increase your website traffic by signing free publisher account and placing ad codes from Adria Network. Our system is capable of identifying the strongly relevant keywords from your website, which we will use to generate the best matching ads for you. Ad codes like that fits to the theme of your website. Least but not last, you can customize the ad codes by modifying different design attributes. Like that, ad codes will match with design of your website.

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Sign up for a free publisher account

2. Insert Ad Code

Insert ad code on your website to display ad

3. Earn Money

Generate revenue from your website traffic.

Native Adcodes

Every publisher on Adria network platform takes ad codes who will display as native ad on publisher site. Available are different dimensions of ads, so every publisher can adapt to design of website. Native ad codes are richer than normal text ad code display and thereby enrich the content of your website.

Banner Adcodes

Banner Adcodes will generate Banner Ad format display in publisher site. {x} provides all industrial standard dimensions to generate banner adcodes.

These ads complement the publisher pages aesthetically and blend in contextually. Graphical ads allow you to catch people attention in pictures and boast a higher viewer retention rate

Text + Image Adcodes

Text + Image Adcodes will generate Text + Image Ad format display in publisher site. Different image dimensions and different adcode dimensions based on these images are available for text + image adcodes.

Text + Image Adcodes are richer than normal text adcode display and thereby enrich the content of your website.

Pop Adcodes

Pop adcodes can be used to generate pop-up ads, pop-under ads as well as new-tab ads. Pop ads will be triggered on click events and rendered in seperate window/tab.

Pop adcodes generate revenue in CPM(Cost Per Mille) model.

Interstitial Adcodes

Interstitial Adcodes will generate Interstitial Ad format display in your sites. Interstitial adcodes insert banners between page transitions on your websites. So you don't need to modify the webpage layout in order to place interstitial adcodes.

Interstitial banners are displayed in a webpage using a full page lightbox overlay, which ensures better visibility than normal banners.

Publisher Features

Quick Sign Up

Simple steps to become a Publisher


You can customize the native ad codes

Relevant Ads

Automatic keyword detection and matching ad delivery

Competitor Filtering

Configure site filters to restrict your competitors

Detailed Reports

Ad code based and time period based reports

Payout Modes

Request payouts using Paypal, check and bank